Reflection of Part 1

Going into this, I already had the idea that nothing is objective.  The EYV course made that very clear to me, but also just my life experience has shown me that images are never fully telling the truth.

One only has to think of the recent debacle of the US elections.  Daily my FB feed is saturated with images pro and against both candidates and each time there is a certain shot juxtapositioned with a certain text to create a certain effect.  In fact, I so acutely see this that I am shocked and appalled at what some of the web sites and ‘news’ sites are publishing.  My grade 11 IB students are better at deconstructing texts than many voters in America.

The camera is so easily manipulated by its handler that simply moving it to the right or left can make a difference.  I had a discussion with a colleague last year when we were recording our classes to use as a reflection tool.  He insisted that someone hold the camera and walk around but I felt strongly that this would create the narrative of the person holding the camera and wouldn’t show the entire story.  I felt that the camera should have been placed in one area in the classroom where it wouldn’t move so you could see all of the action in the classroom.  He insisted it wouldn’t work as well, but I still feel that it does make a huge difference because when he came in there were about three minutes of film where he focused on the only student that wasn’t on task and left out the 20 others that were working productively in their groups. I feel it portrayed an environment that doesn’t exist in my classroom. Had he been stationary at the back of the classroom he would see how I was attending to the other students, but keeping an eye on this student, who I then walked up to after he took the camera off of him.

As for the terms explored throughout part 1, I feel that documentary, reportage, and photojournalism have become quite blurred in the current media.  However, art photography stands out to me as I see art photography being art because the artists has created a context and a concept, and without this, dare I say it isn’t art, and it would fall back into another category.


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