Foto Istanbul

I finally managed to get to FotoIstanbul today, though it was the last day, so sadly not everything was up still.  I really wanted to see the Malkovich photographs by Sandro Miller, but alas they were gone too.  However, I got to check out the old orphanage and see some great images as well as snap some shots for the poetry photo task coming up in section 2 of the course. Also, a former student of mine was on the creative team for this huge project, so that was also really cool to see something that he was a part of.

But the images I was most interested in were by Shadi Ghadirian.  I have already started thinking about assignment 2 and I have taken a few shots as well. However, when I re-read the brief I kind of thought that maybe I was not on the right track as I was just taking head shots of my students with the scarf, yet it asks us to create a narrative.  But when I saw her work today, essentially all the same shot, but with different fabric and household utensils, I saw a very clear narrative even though they were mostly the same shot.  So I think I will explore this idea of just asking my students to wrap the scarf in whatever way they want and then take the photograph and just see where it goes. I have thought about adding some other shots to create a narrative, but I really liked the clean narrative series that she created, so I am going to aim for that and see where it takes me.


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