Thinking about assignment 2

I have already started assignment 2 and have fudged it a little in that I am using a red scarf as opposed to a handkerchief.  I just felt the scarf was a better prop for what I wanted to do.

Essentially my plan is to make a comment on the Turkish school system but it could also take a political turn as the context of what is happening here in Turkey I personally believe is happening as a result of this school system.  In fact, what we do at our school is in a way a daily protest and has become a political act.  When my sons have asked my why I don’t go out and protest, or ask me if it is true that foreigners can get into hot water if they are caught protesting, I tell them that my way of protesting is by trying to open the minds of young people on a daily basis.

So I started just thinking I would ask these stressed out seniors to fashion the scarf in whatever way they wanted in hopes their choices would create a narrative.  And to some extent, the images I have taken so far do this.  However, after looking at Karen Knorr’s photos where she juxtaposes news reports with images taken from an exclusive men’s club, I got the idea of maybe juxtaposing some of the very narrow minded comments I see in the news today with the images of the students.

I also thought I would photograph some of the younger kids who start feeling the pressures of the school system and have them also position the scarf in any way they want.

I also though it might be interesting to have captions written by them where they either title it themselves or they make a comment about school or something like that.

I am not sure how I would do this.  I liked the idea where a photograph is placed on a white paper and then text in hand written in or maybe I could get a silver or white pen and have them write it or I would write it.

Not really sure, but this is where I am at the moment.


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