Exercise–Photographing the unknown

I think this is an interesting concept and one I would like to do for assignment 2 but I can’t make it appear in the foreground of my mind just yet.

Of the three works we were meant to look at via the coursework, the South African in China resonated with me the most.  I felt his sense of feeling alone and always a stranger in a big, crowded, busy city.  I feel the same way about Istanbul but not only the way the city looks, but the cultural differences I feel acutely all of the time.  I think it would be a great project to photograph this, but I am not sure how I would do it.

The other project on childhood nostalgia I was also interested in, though if I were to do it, I would try and photograph how the traumas of childhood are carried into the present, even when you are a lifetime, a continent and an ocean away from them.  They still exist and color everyday life.

As for the second bullet point, I am OK with giving authorial control.  As a result of the aforementioned subject, I need to give up control otherwise it controls me so when it comes to my photography, I try not to control what the viewer perceives.  I feel that art should be able to take on the form it becomes in the eye of the beholder, so this applies to my own work as well. In fact, in can be quite interesting to listen to what other people think of the work because usually I do have something in mind and if what I set out to say comes through in the images and the receiver gets that, then I think I have conveyed what I wanted.  But if the receiver sees something different than sometimes it is a message that I need to re-think my concept or approach.


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