Feedback from the forum–Assignment 2

I wasn’t really sure about this assignment since I took a risk and tried to create a non-linear narrative that also takes into account my own narrative as well as the viewers, so I put it out there on the forum and I received some helpful feedback.

At first I posted the images in black and white and people liked them using words like ‘strong’ ‘effective’ etc., but when I re-posted them in colour, they received much more feedback and enthusiasm, so I decided to stick with the colour images.

It was also interesting to see what people thought of my concept as well as their reactions.  I wasn’t planning on putting this image in:


Because there isn’t a sense of anything really.  However, a couple of people in the forum said that when looking at his image in correlation with the context I provided, they liked that this was his response and because it was his choice to pose this way, it was a valid image.  So I kept it in the series. It does actually reflect the way he is dealing with the university exam entrance process, but as a person who knows him, I can see it, so I was concerned it wasn’t strong enough, but I will take the advice of my classmates and add it.  We will see how it goes over.


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