Reflection on Assignment 2

After my results from EYV, I am feeling a little less confident than I was a few months ago about my work and how I am progressing, but I know as a teacher myself that this is all part of the process of learning, so I will persevere.

Demonstration of technical skills

I feel mostly confident with my ability to compose an image.  I think my eye is good in that I am able to see what makes a visually appealing image (to my criteria at least).  I still am working on the technical part of photography.  I have a lot to learn I know in regards to post-production especially, but I am working on it, I am just not ‘there’ yet.

Quality of Outcome

I think this is a strength.  I have a lot of experience in writing and communicating my ideas so I feel that I am able to compose a coherent piece of writing that clearly gets my ideas across.  I also think I used the course content well in thinking about the visual narrative and what that means to the different ideas out there in the world of art photography.

Demonstration of Creativity

One of the things I have noticed about my own photography is that I am drawn to a ‘clean’ palette and these photographs definitely have this.  Though I know there is a fine balance in finding my own voice and style and doing work that is different.  So I see myself as still developing the creative side of my photography.  One thing I struggle with is authenticity in my work. Some of the work I see is, to me, contrived, and it doesn’t appeal to me.  So for this project I felt that posing was more straightforward and honest in the sense that both me and the subject knew it was an unnatural situation and I make that very clear in my write-up.  So what I need to work on is creativity that to me feels and looks authentic–whatever that means.


Again, after the assessment feedback I feel not quite sure about my self-assessment in this realm because I considered it a strength in my work.  I spend a lot of time reading books about photography and I feel I use this effectively in my assignments.  For this assignment, I took a risk and didn’t create a typical narrative.  I did this one because I am a literature teacher so I wanted to try something that was different than the classic plot line but also because in my research I found people talking about the non-linear visual narrative.  I am also still navigating my way through the term post-modern and how it applies to my work, so I tried to incorporate some of those ideas into my work.  Regardless of the feedback, I have learned a lot research wise, so it has been a meaningful experience.


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