Exercise: Woodman, Brotherus, and Wearing

I really enjoyed this morning of research.  I already knew and like Woodman, but I wan really into Brotherus and was intrigued by Wearing’s sign images.

These images all inspired me quite a bit and got the creative juices flowing.  The task though now is to try and take my own photographs that don’t look like theirs!  It will be hard though because I really loved a number of these photographs.

I am quite drawn to all of Woodman’s images, and have taken a number of mirror images myself. Here is one:


As for Brotherus’ work, there are a few that I also had taken similar images myself.  Those are from her “Carpe Fucking Diem” Series which I really enjoyed.  One is titled “Science Class 2” that reminded me of this image of my own:

Self-portrait English Class
Self-portrait English Class

As for Wearing’s work, I wasn’t as drawn to hers, but I thought they were quite interesting.  I especially like the sign images and thought maybe I could work this into my re-work of Assignment 2.  I will have to see what my tutor thinks though, or just shoot with and without and see how it turns out.

I don’t think there is a sense of narcissism in these self-images.  Why would there be? I think it is quite interesting to shoot ones self, so I think these images are really quite interesting.

Indeed, these artists are working through things beyond the personal, even if it isn’t intentional because what they are photographing are issues of the human condition I think, so they are going to resonate with a number of people for a number of reasons.

One of my favorite in Brotherus’ series is “My Dog is Cuter Than Your Ugly Baby.” I really liked this because even though I am a parent myself, I am not a parent who thinks her kids are the best, the cutest, the smartest, etc. I am sure one day they will resent me for this though!  Here is the image:


I think she really captures that feeling that many of my single friends feel when people are so crazy about their kids, or about having kids.

These ladies have given me a lot to think about and now my job is to think how I can make a series of self-portraits that include all aspects of who I am, or maybe I will just show one…not sure yet.


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