Ideas for Assignment 3


I am feeling quite smitten with Marina Abromovic lately.  I wasn’t really interested in her because performance art doesn’t really interest me but as I was looking for some documentaries about photography I came across the film done on her work “The Artist is Present.”  I was moved to tears at the end of it.  Also, they way she talks and the things she talks about really drew me into her.

So as I have been thinking about assignment 3, I am thinking about doing something titled ‘disconnected’ which is what I have been feeling lately with everything going on in the world as well as here in Turkey. Terrorist attack after terrorist attack so close to home (literally) has an effect on the psyche.

So the image above is taken on my iphone and by a friend, was just a test run.  I am thinking about doing an homage image to Marina’s work where she lies naked under a skeleton.  Influenced by the Tibetan monk practice of lying amongst the dead, she s making a statement about death and mortality.

If I do this image, I won’t lie naked, but I will have the skeleton cover me in some way that will fit in with the other images I have.

Another image I am thinking of using is this one:


However, I am just starting another of her films, The Space in Between, and it has given me an idea that is maybe a little more positive than “Disconnected.”  I think with the current state of the world, I am feeling dark, but ultimately that is not who I am, so I may go for this more positive slant, I just need to think about it a little more, but essentially it would be me going through the exercises Marina had viewers go through before they see her exhibition in Brazil.  Stay tuned.


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