Scouting areas for Assignment 3

So I have decided to go with a more positive idea for assignment 3.  As I have mentioned in other posts, I am really drawn to Marina Abramovic’s work.  The two films I have watched about her are not only interesting,  but visually stunning. But it was her ‘method’ that I am going to interpret and pay homage to.

Essentially it is steps of making people present and connected.  While I was planning on making images that were more dark, once I saw her film, I realized that this was what I wanted to do because it personally believe in the power of meditation and being present and engaged.

So I thought that using natural elements as the background would be a good idea because it is such a presence in my mind, mainly because I have limited access to it living in Istanbul.

We have dramatic snow at the moment so I think tomorrow I will head out and try to make some photographs taking advantage of the scenery. I scouted some spots out, which can be seen below.



For image 1, I am thinking I will set a chair up and sit with my eyes closed.  This would come at the end of the series.  For the other two I was thinking of somehow placing myself in the tree, or try to contour my body to the shape of the tree. I am not sure about this, but we will see.

I also want to do an image where I am getting rid of anxious energy by flinging my arms back and forth.  The spot I want is covered in snow at the moment, so I will have to wait.

Other ideas:

portrait with a crystal on my forehead

me lying flat, but I need to think how I will do this.  Abramovic has an amazing pyre-like structure that she lays on, so while I am not trying to re-create her images, I still want to clean background and straight lines that are in those images of her.

Noise cancelling headphones, maybe in a busy cityscape.  This should probably be Istanbul since it is where I fight with being a nature-loving person living in a densely populated city, yet I still manage to find those spaces.

I will be at The Cliffs of Moher and Barcelona at the end of January, so there might be a chance to take some shots there as well.


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