Feedback and Reflection on Assignment 3

Back to the drawing board!  Well, not entirely, but I do need to go back and re-shoot some shots.

The two main things I need to work on are making the shots more crisp by being in more control of the camera.  I am not sure why the ISO was so high on the ‘Lost’ shot, so I will need to go back and figure that out.  Also, on my favorite shot, “sun worship” my face is out of focus, so I need to re-shoot that one as well.

The leaf image did not fit according to my tutor, so I have scheduled to Skype with him for some further clarification, but essentially I think that because the write-up was too long my rationale for doing what I did was lost.

Also, I will need to re-shoot without so many different outfits.  I though at first it would be better to have different clothing–not sure why I thought that, but I think what I will do is shoot in all black and barefooted.

Also, I think I will take some shots when I am down on the coast this spring as that location would be ideal.  But then my guess is the mixture of woodland and beach will be an issue.  =)

For assignment 2, I am going to try and take some images this weekend of MUNDP since it will be white shirts galore.

The last one that I need to focus on is trying to shoot each day.  This causes me some anxiety because my days are pretty full.  But I figure if I just start taking pictures at school each day, it won’t cut into my time at home with my family and myself.  I will get started today on this, because I know that “I’ll start tomorrow” is a slippery slope.  Upwards and onwards!


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