Thomas Mailaender

This month’s publication of the British Journal of Photography features the work of Thomas Mailaender.  Two of the images immediately caught my eye.  Last Friday I had a video chat with my tutor and he said that assignment 5 should be something that comes out of the other assignments, or is a continuation, etc.

So in pondering that I was thinking I would photograph myself again, but instead the pessimistic part of me that I chose not to reveal in A3. So when I saw this exhibition, it sparked an idea.

I really liked this idea of putting something on the skin that carries meaning of some kind.  I am not sure how I would make this work for my purposes, but it is something I am thinking about.


In the magazine write-up he says “I like the melancholic aspect of the human condition.”  He also focuses on the fact that we are not perfect as humans and raises his daughters with this idea.  I think this is a really healthy approach to both being a human but also to being a parent.  What a gift in fact.



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