Singular Images: Essays on Remarkable Photographs by Howarth

This essay is the one that sparked my idea about Mann employing her gaze on her children as a response to her father’s distant approach to fatherhood. It really struck me as being ‘true’  and even though I think the assessors will say it is too much of a stretch (as my tutor did) for some reason I feel strongly in going with it.  I have done some more research and have hopefully made the connections more academic and plausible (see assignment 4).

Also, looking back at this essay after my tutor’s feedback, I saw more connections and that is that both Arbus and Mann were accused of exploiting vulnerable subjects for their own purposes. Sontag equated this with Arbus trying to deal with her privileged upbringing.  So my connection is that both women were dealing with issues from their upbringing and as a result both produced work that was not necessarily well-received by the public.


Howarth, S. (2005) Singular Images: Essays on Remarkable Photographs. London: Tate Publishing.




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