Tim Walker

I was just looking over my first tutor report (I have a different tutor now) as I will re-shoot a couple of the images and I found a suggestion from her and that was to look at the work of Tim Walker in order to see someone with some flair and creativity.

I was not terribly interested in his recent work which is a series of surreal tableaux images.  Some of them were quite harsh and surreal whereas some (the 1st image with Emma Watson) were more soft and enchanting.

I was more interested in his portraits.  he photographed a large amount of celebrities and I felt they were superb and captured something about each of their real or projected personalities.  My first favorite is one of Tilda Swinton:

I love the use of pale pink and black, as well as the angular jacket partially covering her pale face.  Stunning.

And my other favorite was of David Attenborough.

I think he really captured the man as I know him from his nature programs: understated, kind, gentle, present.

source: https://www.timwalkerphotography.com



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