Initial Thoughts Assignment 3

Initial Ideas

I already have a practice of keeping a journal, so I acutely knew the focus and wondered how I would translate that into images. If I look at the time since before this course started as well as the time during it, most of the entries and internal thoughts were quite negative.  Living in Turkey with a patriarchal autocrat and then seeing my own country go the same way, I was feeling  a lot of anxiety and anger that shrouded my thoughts in darkness and negativity. This was compounded by the series of terrorist attacks that have taken place in Istanbul, where I live.  I had been feeling really shut down. I was reluctant to start taking any  images because it just didn’t feel right. I kept getting a gnawing feeling in my stomach whenever I thought about how I could make the words I was writing manifest into photographic images. I did ponder it though and the images I imagined were similar to Woodward’s since her images, whilst dark, have a sense of beautiful melancholy to them so I thought at least I could create something with some beauty or mystery within the darkness that I was feeling. But those were not meant to be.

Then I happened upon Marina Abromovic’s ‘The Artist is Present’ but the documentary of this work.  It moved me to tears and my interest in Abromovic became acute.  While her work (and the documentaries) are not photography, they are photographic because of the way she uses color, her body, and the framing of the camera when being filmed both in action and still shots.  So seeing her work on the screen was visually stunning– and moving.  It was after I watched her other documentary ‘The Space in Between’ that I realized what I wanted to do for Assignment 3.


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