A5 Research–Elina Brotherus

Elsewhere in the course we were guided to look at the work on Elina Brotherus and in doing so I was moved by her photographs.

My idea for A5 is ‘post-cards home.’  Since I live in a place that is considered exotic to many people back where I am from they think my life is really amazing when it is anything but.  I have a full time job as a teacher and a family, so that means my life is just like any other person’s life with these conditions, I just happen to be in Istanbul.  People are so often disappointed by that.

Springing off of A3, I decided to create a series of post cards that would document the mundane or melancholic parts of my life. Thinking about truth in photography, I think a lot of expats tend to glamorize their own lives by sending home or posting to social media the cool parts of expat life.  I myself am guilty of that because there are some parts of my life abroad that are really quite amazing but for this I wanted to capture something that is more ‘real’ or at least portray a side of my life that many people don’t imagine or think about.

Brotherus’ photos, the ones I am focusing on, have a sense of melancholy and vulnerability that I am trying to capture in my photos. Below are a few that inspired me:

I love the this last one and would really like to re-create it with one of my cats maybe, but I fear maybe it would be to literal an interpretation of her work.  But I think it is a brilliant photo and I love the sentiment behind it (my dog is cuter than your children). Brilliant. I also have members of my family that did and do cause me a lot of stress–one of the reasons that cause melancholy in me that isn’t from normal day to day life and I would love to send a photo like to this two of them.

So far, I have taken shots of:

me on the bathroom floor

me amidst piles of laundry

me under the washing as it dries

me in bed alone

me in my classroom

to be continued…

Source of images: http://www.elinabrotherus.com/


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