A5 Research–Astrid Kruse Jensen

Jensen created a series of photographs titled ‘Allusions of Home’ which caught my eye (as did her other work).  In this series she photographs women in what I assume to be their bedrooms.  It is in fact a very simple looking project, as the women are all just sitting there and it appears that she uses whatever light is available so it varies from image to image.  But there is something to the work that drew me in.  Possibly it is the intimacy of the bedroom that drew me in combined with the sullen look on the women’s faces.  One wonders what their lives are like and tries to extrapolate what they are like from their surroundings.

I wasn’t sure about the title.  It in fact leads to an analysis that these women are actually not at home and she has photographed them in place where they have set up personal belongings and it is likely they won’t be there for long.  Either interpretation is interesting and both lead the viewer to surmise who these women are and why they are there.

Jensen said in an interview with Foam Magazine that ‘representation of the real is photography’s burden.’ (Foam 2007).  She also said that she tries to construct real looking images that are as close to a real space as possible. Applying this to her work, it could be assessed that she has constructed the images to look real, but aren’t really of the women’s sleeping space.  It would seem if it were their own spaces there would have been a write-up about it as the stories there would have been an interesting focus.  The ambiguity makes the work quite interesting as the viewer has things to ponder over.

I have already taken a shot of me in my bedroom, but I wonder if it is too literal as has been tutor and peer feedback for other work.  So I will try a shot similar to these and see what happens.




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