A5 Post-feedback reflection

I think it is important to say that regardless of tutor feedback, I feel that I have grown as a result of this course and that is really important when learning something that is new.

I was pleased that my tutor though I had done a good job.  It was especially good to hear this considering the first feedback indicated that I had a ways to go. However, the feedback given I interpreted that I needed to re-think most of the images, which I have taken on board.  I essentially ‘killed my darlings’ for this final assignment.

The feedback this time was less in terms of technical work and more in terms of coherence and meaning.  I see now that the images I put together did not necessarily go together and made the final assignment somewhat disjointed. I have already looked through the shots I took and didn’t use as well as taken a few more shots. I also plan to add some with artificial directed light at night but I am not sure how they will fit in the final series, but it is worth a try as my homage to Crewdson.

There were also some suggestions for tightening up the blog, which I have done.

But as I said in the beginning, I have really learned a lot thus far and this has been the most important thing for me.


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