Assignment 1–Re-visited

My tutor gave me positive feedback on this assignment, except for the last two nature shots; she thought they were too cold.  Therefore I re-shot them.  I re-shot the stream image earlier in the evening to capture the warm glow that is present in the other nature images.  With the red berries, I had to shoot something else since the season has changed. However, I think I have found a good replacement that fits in with the feel of the images.

Click here for the original images (please note only the last two images of the nature images have been changed and I took out one of the pine cones on the ground and added an image of grape hyacinth).

The written submission is the same and can be found under the original submission link on the blog navigation.


Assignment 1: post-tutor feedback reflection

The feedback for this assignment was pretty good.  The first comment was that I needed to be more careful of cropping, as the images were different sizes.  I didn’t quite understand this since some where in landscape and some portrait, hence the different sizes.  Also she said that it would be an issue if they were to go to exhibition or be printed in a book.  From my experience, it isn’t uncommon for photographs to be in different sizes.  My watched my friend Lorraine’s images roll off of the printers recently for a show in Halifax, Canada (quite a big one) and her images were all different sizes.  So either I misunderstood the feedback, or this is a preference of this tutor.

The other feedback was that they last two images on the nature side were too cold.  Having looked at them again, I can see what she meant so I will re-shoot before I submit for assessment.

And the last feedback was that I was shooting in my comfort zone.  She is right and while the idea behind the images was interesting, it wasn’t much of a stretch for me. I hope by the time I am finished with this course that I will have addressed this issue.

She didn’t comment on my coursework or research as she said she could find it, however, it was there and I directed her to it in a later e-mail.  However, she didn’t give any feedback other than it was looking thorough and on the right track.