Assignment 2–Response to the tutor report

Because I chose to photograph my students (who are now gone from school) I am unable to re-shoot assignment 2, however, my tutor suggested that I try to take some more shots that respond to the brief.  I tried to different projects and went with the first option, which was to shoot the unseen. I chose two ‘unseen’ concepts.  One is ‘community’ and the other is ‘stress.’

The first set of images is ‘community.’

The second set I took of my husband who has a stressful job and lost both parents in a short amount of time recently. I was attempting to capture ‘stress.’


Reflection on Tutor Comments of Assignment 2

I thought this was a really good experience.  Essentially what I knew was my weak point (the images themselves) was what my tutor pointed out.  I stuck with the assignment though because I was emotionally invested  in it. I have been teaching some of these students for three years now, and I feel strongly about the lack of creativity in their lives as a result of the exam system here.  But Robert was right: the images need work.

So I will plan to try and take them again but I will need to wait a bit as we are entering exams and then a two week break.  However, I also want to take them when the light is better (it is so dark right now!) and I want to give it some space as I have already moved on to assignment 3 in my head.  Robert gave some good suggestions, so I will have think and re-shoot in the spring.

After working with my new tutor, my confidence is back up.  I realize now that the rubrics they use in level 1 classes are the same for level 3, so knowing that, it makes sense that the marks were low.  It wasn’t about the marks anyway in the end, to me they seemed low which was an indication of my abilities as a student, when in fact it seems that the standards are just quite high, which I am OK with.  I actually am really grateful to have gone through this process, as the context of it makes a difference and my tutor was able to relay that context, which helped me to be OK with it in the end.  As a teacher, this is a valuable experience to remember to contextualize grades/feedback for students so they realize why and how things are graded.  So I guess I am now happy with the ” at least I passed”  point of view.