Final Plea: A3 re-shoot

My FB forum group has been really great.  I was stuck about tutor feedback and they helped me to see the way, thankfully.  I am also glad that I took multiple shots on the beach as I can’t get back there before the assessment deadlines, so I had a number of pieces to look at again.  After this final round of feedback, I decided to go with the image where I am looking away from the camera and while I still like the first one, I see how the final image works better. It is funny, I had dismissed this one and almost deleted it.


A5 Trying things out

I took a series of shots when we were on vacation.  I was going for a different type of family portrait than the ones I see on Christmas cards and on social media.  While I think they are good images, they don’t really fit the brief for A5 and I agree with what my classmates have said on the forum.  On to the next idea…

Forum Feedback on Assignment 3

The forum is a useful tool in that I get to chime in on other students work as well as ask for and receive feedback.  Sometimes the technicalities of assessment comes up or we just cheer each other for passing, or picking up a camera for the first time in a month.

I submitted my photographs for assignment 3 and here is the feedback:

In the end though, what they gave as feedback was quite different from what my tutor gave.  However, it did get me thinking and I went out to take some more shots, so all in all it is a good resource and community to have since essentially I am all alone here in Turkey!

Feedback from the Forum–A3

This assignment was a little more difficult to share because they are self-portraits and I rarely take photographs of myself.  As I was reading for the course, I came across a quote by Sontag that says, ‘to take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability’ (Sontag 1977).  But in this case, it is the viewers participating in my –in particular- vulnerability.  But the people on the FB forum (The OCA one for C and N is sadly not very active) are very kind in their feedback, so it was OK in the end.

Essentially the feedback was good.  One suggested I narrow down the shots–which I plan to do.  Another suggested to make the meditating in black dress shot more zoomed out.  I think this is a good suggestion, but it might look too much like the very zoomed out one I will put at the end, so I will wait and see what the tutor feedback is.

Funnily enough, the shot I thought was the most ridiculous, was the most popular (upside down with leaf).  And now that I look at it again, it is growing on me, so I will include it in the series.  I feel like maybe it needs more of my chest to balance it, but again, I will see the feedback and re-shoot if I need to.

Nobody commented on being confused about my concept and felt the images captured what I had set out to do–so that was helpful and good to know.


Sontag, S. (1977) On Photography. 1st ed. New York: Penguin-Putnam

Feedback from the forum–Assignment 2

I wasn’t really sure about this assignment since I took a risk and tried to create a non-linear narrative that also takes into account my own narrative as well as the viewers, so I put it out there on the forum and I received some helpful feedback.

At first I posted the images in black and white and people liked them using words like ‘strong’ ‘effective’ etc., but when I re-posted them in colour, they received much more feedback and enthusiasm, so I decided to stick with the colour images.

It was also interesting to see what people thought of my concept as well as their reactions.  I wasn’t planning on putting this image in:


Because there isn’t a sense of anything really.  However, a couple of people in the forum said that when looking at his image in correlation with the context I provided, they liked that this was his response and because it was his choice to pose this way, it was a valid image.  So I kept it in the series. It does actually reflect the way he is dealing with the university exam entrance process, but as a person who knows him, I can see it, so I was concerned it wasn’t strong enough, but I will take the advice of my classmates and add it.  We will see how it goes over.